Considering Loft Conversation?

The Most Effective Ways To Close The Deal

If you are considering a Essex Loft Conversions conversion you have probably already weighed up the pros and cons of carrying out this work. You may also have considered that it will be costly, but it is likely that you believe your house could benefit from being improved in some way to increase its value when selling. For most people who carry out conversions they do so because they want to live with more space or perhaps for their children’s sake. Those reasons alone make converting your home worthwhile; however there are other ways in which adding an extra storey can add truly significant value on top of what might initially seem like just another addition onto your property. Here we list three key areas where increasing floor area with an additional storey provides true benefits worth having:

Essex Loft Conversions

The first thing to consider is how you can create more living space in your home. Often when you live in a small house, or even flat there are areas that go unused for much of the time because they do not make up additional space to which you would like access. The loft conversion could eradicate this problem by adding an extra room; perhaps it will be used as an office or guest bedroom but whatever purpose it serves it increases the value of your property and adds significantly to its marketability should you ever want to sell.

A second great benefit worth considering if looking at loft conversions is their impact on what is known as ‘liveability’ within your home . If you have no spare rooms then one use for them might be storage, however having another room means that there is space to have a guest stay or perhaps somewhere for any family members who might live with you. As an added bonus the extra bedroom has been shown to add between £4000 and £5000 onto your property value when selling, so it’s well worth considering if you haven’t got enough room at present.

The final area where converting your loft can drastically increase its saleability is through adding living areas . Once again these serve only one purpose; this time however they are used as wet rooms, but what they do provide is more square footage of flooring in which potential buyers can walk around freely without becoming claustrophobic!