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Campaign for a Better Dearborn

In 2002 Massachusetts voted to disperse the Trans Bilingual Education initiative in schools which relied on English language learners own language to facilitate the learning of academic subjects as they master English. The replacement initiative, Sheltered English Immersion,(SEI) relies on the use of simple English to teach academic subjects. There is very little information about the impact of this change. There is also no ability to analyze the progress of Cape Verdean students, as there is no tracking system. Any analysis by the Boston School District is usually reported by race (Asian, Black) and information specific to ethnic groups like Cape Verdeans cannot be tracked.

Dearborn is a level 4 school, where approximately 47% of students are ELLs: the average in Boston is 18%. 81% of the Dearborn ELLs are Cape Verdeans. The school is going through a number of challenges as it looks to transform to at STEM school. This project is both timely and critical to ensure that the needs of the Cape Verdean students are met and addressed in the reform plan.